E-Tandem Santana NuovoSport mit Ansmann Frontantrieb


The e-bike boom on the roads is hard to miss. For tandem bikes, the e-drive has been the exception so far, although an e-tandem can provide an attractive option for more relaxed tandem rides.

Together with Santana, we have already experimented with different e-drives in recent years. So far, the Ansmann front-wheel drive has proven itself for most requirements. In addition, we also offer you the add-e, a more affordable e-drive. This lightweight friction roller drive is located between the chainstays behind the Stoker bottom bracket and generates thrust through contact with the tyre. 

Ansmann front-wheel drive for tandems

Santana E-Tandem Smooth mit Ansmann Frontmotor

By using a front-wheel drive, an e-tandem can be converted into a normal tandem at any time by quickly changing the front wheel, with almost no extra weight (cable, battery mounting plate and display have approx. 800 g). Because the front drive is independent of the conventional chain drive, any older tandem bike can be easily converted into a modern e-tandem. A sensor on the front wheel adjusts the motor assistance to the speed. This also maintains the gear ratio with the usual number of gears.

With dismountable e-tandems, the battery is housed in the front frame triangle so that no cable has to be disconnected when the frame is dismantled.
Considering the large 612 Wh frame battery, the additional weight is relatively low at 3.1 kg. Of this, the front motor adds between 1.8 kg and 2.7 kg, depending on the model. Ansmann offers the following front motor variants:



Ansmann Frontmotor



Ansmann front motor 4.2

  • Continuous power: 250 W (peak power 500 W)

  • Max. Torque: 35 Nm - more power than the predecessor model 4.1, with smoother initiation of assistance.

  • Weight of hub motor: 1,8 kg

  • Range: approx. 70-120 km - depending on support level, rider weight and topography.


Ansmann front motor 6.0

  • Continuous power: 250 W (peak power 630 W)

  • Max. Torque: 40 Nm - accelerate the tandem noticeably faster, offering more support on the hill, or for heavier riders.

  • Weight of hub motor: 2,1 kg

  • Range: approx. 50-100 km - depending on support level, rider weight and topography.

  • Only compatible with Santana CroMo steel forks


Ansmann front motor 8.0

  • Continuous power: 250 W (peak power 750 W)
  • Max. Torque: 60 Nm
  • Weight of hub motor: 2,7 kg
  • Range: 40-70 km - depending on support level, rider weight and topography.
  • Only compatible with Santana CroMo steel forks


We recommend the Ansmann front-wheel drive for tandem riders with less intention of a dynamic riding style who want permanent electric assistance on their tandem tours.



add-e NEXT friction roller drive for tandems


Santana Tandem add-e Antrieb

With the add-e NEXT friction roller drive, we provide the most weight-saving option for an e-tandem upgrade. The friction roller mounted between the chainstays behind the stoker bottom bracket transmits the additional electric power directly to the rear wheel. The friction roller automatically makes contact with the tyre tread only when needed, when pedalling. This means that there is no unnecessary friction as long as you are not pedalling.

Developed by the Austrian manufacturer GP Motion, the drive including battery (150 Wh / 6.8 Ah) weighs an incredibly low 1.7 kg, making it the lightest retrofit drive in its class worldwide! In contrast to the standard e-bike battery, the battery can also be carried on the plane as hand luggage (it may be necessary to apply to the airline in advance). The minimalist friction roller drive on the rear wheel provides a decent thrust for your e-tandem without additional wear on the chain, but also increases the wear on the tyre.

add-e Reibrolle am Tandem


 add-e NEXT technical data

  • Continuous power: 250 W (peak power 600 W with 300 and 450 Wh battery)

  • Total weight: 1,7 kg

  • Battery weight (150 Wh): 0,9 kg

  • Range: approx. 50 km

  • Optional battery (not suitable for air travel):

    • battery weight 300 Wh (13,6 Ah): 1,6 kg

    • battery weight 450 Wh (20,4 Ah): 2,3 kg


The add-e is useful for tandem riders who normally manage without assistance, but occasionally want support on hills or in headwinds.


All e-drives are also available in our configurator. If you are thinking about upgrading your tandem to an e-tandem, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of upgrading your tandem with one of the above-mentioned e-drives.


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