Video: How to assemble a Santana eSCape Tandem out of the Airliner case.

Video: assembling a Santana Tandem with S&S couplers

Video: assembling a Santana Tandems in only 12 minutes

Video: How toassemble a fully equipped Santana Touring Tandem out of the Airliner case.

Assembling Santana SS Tandem

  1. Connect top and lateraltube to rear triangle (look for cable routings and bottlecages).
  2. Connect front triangle to the top and lateraltube.
  3. Insert the oval bottom tube (look for disc cable routing on left side).
  4. Tighten all S&S Couplers (30-40Nm) and the 2 allen bolts. Use on the Couplingscrews and bolts the special teflon lube that comes with the bike
  5. Control all couplers and main screws before every ride.


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