Who is in behind Santana Tandems in Europa?

We've been riding and selling tandems for more than 17 years and have a complete line of tandems and tandem accessories. Cycling a tandem became a passion for me in 1983. Every year I travel with all camping gear for 3-7 weeks through different countries and I always enjoy it.

From 1983 to 1986 I used a French Folis Tandem and rode to Slovenia/Croatia (former Yugoslavia), Rome, Switzerland and Spain, starting all these bike tours from Rosenheim, 65 km east of Munich. While I was a student I couldn't afford a Santana- Tandem , but in 1986 I rode one for the first time belonging to a friend and I loved it. My wife Dagmar and I rode together 280 km on the last day we borrowed it and this resulted in the beginning of our friendship.

At the end of 1986 I started with my bikeshop and in the summer 1987 we picked up our first Santana tandem directly from the Santana factory close to Los Angeles. They didn't want to ship it overseas. Then we cycled around California, climbed the Sequoia, Yosemite National Park, Tioga Pass, rode into San Francisco and down the coast, Highway 1 back to L.A.

In 1989 we went on our second trip to the U.S. cycling all the way from Denver/ Colorado through the Rocky Mountains, Grand Canyon to Los Angeles. A few years later in 1996 we started our first family vacation with our two little boys (2 and 4 years old) in Portland/Oregon. From there we pedaled along the Oregon and Northern California coast with a Triplet and a trailer. On the way we took a look at the Burley factory in Eugene and attended the North West Tandem Rally in Klamath Falls. Early in 1998 we went on the most exciting trip we ever have had. - 7 weeks in New Zealand!

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