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Santana Sovereign large silber

  • Modellyear ca. 1997
  • Frame Santana Easton Aluminium 7000
  • Color silber annodized
  • of first Hand in very good condition
  • CrMo Santana Columbus Fork 1 1/4"
  • Shifting Shimano STI 3x8
  • Aluminium Handlebars and Seatposts
  • Wheels original 36L Edco Tandem Rims Mavic SUP
  • Brakes Cantilever Shimano

Price: VB 1900.-
Location: 83083 Riedering Germany

Britta Dahbi   
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Tel: +49 08036-9085667 >Infos also in out shop +49 8031-14573 (ask for Wolfgang or Jörg)

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