Santana Cilantro with S&S and Oval Coupler

The bike was used as a travel tandem and was ridden only about 3000km. In order to protect the frame from paint damage, the majority of the frame was covered with paint protection film. There are some signs of wear anyway.

A special feature of the black painted steel frame are couplings made of stainless steel, which make it possible to disassemble the wheel for transport by plane, train or car. The pack size is then smaller than a single bike. In addition to four S & S couplings (, the frame has two Z-couplings on the connecting tube between the bottom brackets. The Z-couplers are slightly lighter than the S & S couplers and can be opened and closed without special tools. Also worth mentioning is the rear brake. The huge ten-inch brake disc may seem oversized for a bike, in a tandem that brings with two riders and luggage easily 200 pounds on the scales, it is a life insurance. As far as I know, the Bengal is the only brake of its kind specially designed for tandem loads (see here for details info). It is considered by tandem experts to be the brake with the highest level of operational safety.

The bike can be visited by appointment in Marburg Germany and test ridden.



- Frame: Santana Cilantro (Tubes like Cabrio), Steel with 4 S&S and 2 ZT-Couplers
- Modelyear: 2017
- Size: Med
- Deraileur: Shimano XT with 3 Chainringsand 9 speed Cassette
- Racks: Front and rear Tubus
- Beleuchtung: Vorne SON Edelux II, Hinten BUMM Toplight
- Laufräder: Vorne mit Nabendynamo, Wheels 40 Spokes
- Brakes: 2 XT V-Brakes and the large 10inch Disc Brake
- Seatpost: front standard, rear suspended(Cane Creek LT)

Price on request

Marburg PLZ 35041, Germany

Frank Peters

Tel: +49-176-32835887
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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